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Bratz Interactive (2007) - Home Video Trailer01:14

Bratz Interactive (2007) - Home Video Trailer

"Bratz" Normie Video

Welcome to the Draculaura's Channel WikiEdit

Draculaura's Channel is a a way to Discover monster secrets and go trough the doors of monster high! and here you can also post pictures and comment no RUDE Comments all the time that is all Enjoy!

Draculaura's ChannelEdit

This Wiki is all about Monster High And all about what is in MH That makes it Fangtastic for ghouls to Fang Out! This Topic Is All about Monsters, Well all the monsters high collection series come out well but the talk is What? Monbsters Are Better than Normis Yeah, But if you have A Monster High Doll and A "Bratz" Doll that is called normie by Monsters But Just Dont Donate Their clothes to monster high's keep them on the normies! And If You Like Us Better Than Normies Thats Okay but Do Not Ever P[ut One Of Those Normies In The Microvave Cause There Are Special Two You Know Dont Burn Them Or Say Bad Things Theis Is Me Draculaura From The Real Monster High Saying That it is WRONG! Yes A Monster whatever it is NICE to treat others like they treat us!Edit

Monster High Ghoul Spirit (VG) (2011) - Game-isode 1 Furry Fashionista trailer00:36

Monster High Ghoul Spirit (VG) (2011) - Game-isode 1 Furry Fashionista trailer

Monster High Ghoul Spirit 03

Goodbye Edit

- Draculaura Edit

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Draculaura Monster High Sleepover Wallpaper

Monster High Wallpaper

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